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Thread: Code P0008 on 2007 Holden VE Commodore LY7 engine

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    Code P0008 on 2007 Holden VE Commodore LY7 engine

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if you guys could tell me if this is normal.

    I get code P0008 Engine Position System Performance (Bank 1)

    When the engine light is on the car seems to have the symptoms
    of a streched timing chain - less power and a roughness under acceleration.

    But and here's the thing i dont get - when the code is cleared and the car driven
    it has more power (like normal) and no noise or roughness under acceleration.
    The engine light remains off.

    It's only after I turn the engine off and restart it after a short while that the engine light
    comes on again and the vehicle lacks power again.

    Why? How come the engine light only comes on after a restart?
    If it was timing chain the problem would be there all the time.
    Surely the engine light would come on whilst driving.
    Could there be another cause?

    Any help or ideas would be great thanks.

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    On our American cars there's TSB's for that code being caused by both defective(stretched) chains and a slipped tonewheel on the crankshaft. No idea if they pertain to Aussie-built LY7's, it's highly likely, and in either case the engine has to be torn down a ways and inspected to find either problem. You are probably looking at the same service though.
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    Thanks for your reply, I am currently chasing up the part numbers for the cam chains, tensioners and gaskets.

    Was told by a Holden dealership that the job will cost about $2500 aud (about $2700 usd) and take three days.
    As a mechanic (out of the trade for quite a few years) I find this figure and amount of time incredible !!

    Quoted a rough figure of $1600 aud on parts alone.

    You don't have to pull heads off or even drop the sump.

    I will get the part numbers and look at getting the parts shipped from the US as they seem to be using international part numbers.
    Pity they are not using international prices !!

    Any recommendations for sourcing the bits?

    Thanks, Graham

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    When I've got time to wait, I like to mail order my parts. It seems to be cheaper. Check and use our 5% off coupon thread (go to the very last post to find the most recent and probably working discount code) to get a little knocked off.

    GMPD ( might be another decent source, although their shipping seems to be high anymore. They used to be the place to go before the shipping went up and someone found Rock Auto.

    Ebay is another one that comes to mind.
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