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Thread: Engine Cutting Out at 4000 RPM...

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    Engine Cutting Out at 4000 RPM...

    In the earlier posts, you see I got the new 3100 in the 96 Monte Carlo. Engine runs good until it hits 4000 RPM's. I know it's not the mtr because it did this w/prior mtr. It's been intermittent over the last year as w/check engine light. The code that came up before was a cylinder 2 or 5 misfire. That was w/old motor. I changed out the coil pacs, plugs and wires, and disconnected the battery, and the light came back on and the engine cut out at 4 grand again. The engine light went back off again, w/new mtr but the engine still cuts out at 4 grand. I haven't had a chance to recheck the codes at Autozone, but would be nice to get fixed. Has anyone else experienced this? My guess was the computer, but I don't know. Thanks for any info.

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    Are you using the same coiils/icm as the old motor?

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    RE: Engine Cutting Out at 4000 RPM...

    Is this in standard driving? I ask, because in P or N, this is normal.
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    This happens in Park and Neutral. I can't say I remember checking it while in Drive??? When you say this is normal in P or N...does the computer just do this to keep from overrevving? If so, I just learned something new, because I didn't know that. I changed the coil pacs before and after the new mtr. I have about ten extra in the garage, for spares. Thanks

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    That would be the rev limiter you're hitting. The PCM cuts the timing or fuel at 4000RPM, can't remember which. An aftermarket PCM can get rid of that, I believe.
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    Thanks Guys...AGAIN!!!
    I'm alright w/limiter in park and drive, probably in Drive too Since I didn't know about how it worked, I just assumed the "problem" went hand in hand w/check engine light, that I didn't have figured out yet. Thanks Guys

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    That is correct you have a rev limiter in park and neutral. However if your car is moving and you slide the shifter to neutral you have no 4k rev limiter you can rev past 5k. If you want.

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    In a 99 Grand Am all fuel injectors are cut... Scarry thought huh? It occurs between 3500 and 4000 stock... You can change this with PowrTuner (If you really want to)

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    Why is this scary?
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    I have done it a few times wondering what's up. Then I realized it was probably not the best thing to repeat due to what could be an immediate lean condition. Not certian if it pulls spark at the same time.

    This has been an interesting subject to read on the PowrTuner forum. It is also in relation to traction control, which pulls/retards timing, and shuts down some of the injectors. So I say "scarry" due to the potential damage from a lean condition.

    Although I have not actually heard of any damage resulting from this, I still remain curious...

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