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Thread: 3100 Cylinder Head Bolt Retorque?

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    3100 Cylinder Head Bolt Retorque?

    I've got a question for 3100 buffs.

    I replaced head gaskets on my 95 Grand Prix 3100 about 30, 000 miles ago and the lower intake gasket is starting to leak coolant. I plan on replacing the lower intake gasket soon. What I'm wondering is if its a good idea to retorque the cylinder head bolts at this time and if so what should I retorque them to? I had the heads milled, used new GM head gaskets, and installed new head bolts.

    Also, who makes the best lower intake manifold gasket?

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    RE: 3100 Cylinder Head Bolt Retorque?

    If you are replacing the lower intake manifold, go with the latest GM gasket which fixes the leakage issue. There is a TSB on here somewhere, or just do a search for it. It will give the part number for the gasket, as well as the revised torquing sequence and values.

    As far as the head bolts go, I don't think it would be a good idea to try to retorque them.
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    You cannot. The bolts are torque to yield. You need to torque them with a torque angle meter. There is no Foot Pount torque value for the final pass.
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    on a stock motor, retorquing is not needed.

    on a modified engine, i would recommend it,

    modified meaning high compression ration or boost.

    i have personally experienced the head bolts loosening up over time and i swear i have read a gm note somewhere to retorque the head bolts after a few driving sessions.

    i will be retorquing mine.

    you dont really have to "retorque" them, just check to see with a socket and wrench and give it a little "umph"

    if its noticebly loose, retorque it.

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