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Thread: 2.8 edelbrock intake

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    2.8 edelbrock intake

    Hi, newbie here. I'm building a 2.8 for my chevette and I bought an edelbrock torker intake for it. I was looking at it last night and noticed that the ports on one side are smaller than the other. Is it like that for a reason? It's weird, wouldn't that make it run different on either side of the engine???

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    I have read where the matching edelbrock torker truck headers are also lopsided, with the tubes on one side a different diameter and length than the other bank. They are supposed to be installed as a matched set with the intake to broaden the torque curve. Still sounds kinda hokey to me.

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    I've got a customer that told me the same thing about that intake. Edelbrock told him not to change it, but I have no idea why it's like that.
    Is that a carb tuning thing possibly?

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    So will it hurt my preformance if I don't use the headers? It seems to me that this intake may make mt engine less powerful than stock with those oddly sized ports.

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    The manifold has large openings on one bank and small openings on the other ban. Edelbrock sold the torker 2.8 manifold to be used with its 2.8 s10 headers which have a larger primary on the passenger bank and a small header primary tubes on the drivers side. What edelbrock essentially did was make the v6 a 3+3 v6 , the passenger side makes high end power and the drivers side makes low end torque. I dont like the edelbrock manifold. The offenhauser 2.8 manifold is better.
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    I have also herd the offy is a better carb intake. Maybe match it with some headman headers.
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    I haven't seen the Offenhauser manifold... where might one find info on it?

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    So should I use this intake, or am I just waisting my time? I would like to use the headers but they won't work for my application. Am I gonig to loose the benifit of this intakes design by not using the "lop-sided headers" as well?

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    I have the Offenhauser 4bbl manifold / Holley 390 carb and a Crane 260/272 duration...427/454 lift cam that I want to sell if yu are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RidgeRunner
    I haven't seen the Offenhauser manifold... where might one find info on it?
    1992 Chevrolet S10
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