• Complete 1995 GM 3.4L Engine Teardown and Rebuild Project

    For the better part of a year, I have been fully engaged in the complete tear down and rebuild and performance upgrade of a 1995 GM L-32 3.4L OHV RWD V6 engine. I have been trying to faithfully document all phases of these procedures in digital photographs that I have saved for public consumption on the following image warehouse site:


    ...accessible to all by using my 60degreev6.com nickname of:


    The deconstruction images show the poor condition of the engine after 100,000 miles of hard wear and tear and the re-build images include all views of the tools required, the necessary machining work, new parts, factory and performance part numbers and many other aspects of the re-build that may prove helpful to many thinking about doing this full-scale job. I often ask questions of those having greater knowledge and understanding than I might about this motor and I am also happy to answer any questions and/or share and provide information either here in the forum or via my email address of:


    I hope this effort will be contributory to the site.